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A halfway decent pronunciation guide for everything Wisconsin.
(And by the way, please slap anyone who says WESconsin!)

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Wisconsin has more than 190 cities, 400 villages, 1,000+ towns, and 1,000+ unincorporated places. Over 5.7 million Wisconsinites live in this Great Lakes state known as America's Dairyland. Wisconsin -- also called the Badger State -- became the 30th state of the union in 1848.
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Hear how to pronounce names of Wisconsin lawmakers in the Senate and Assembly, candidates in upcoming elections, and miscellaneous folks.
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This map emits audio simply by mousing-over it. A large map on the State Cartographer's Office (SCO) website offers layers and a search feature allowing you to find specific pronunciations for Wisconsin locations.
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"Wisconsin" is the English spelling of a French version of an Indian name for the river that runs through the center of the Badger State. Wisconsin Historical Society -- Wisconsin's name

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