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Wisconsin has 99 State Representatives: 63 Republicans, 36 Democrats
Allen, Scott (R-97th)
August, Tyler (R-32nd)
Ballweg, Joan (R-41st)
Barca, Peter (D-64th)
Barnes, Mandela (D-11th)
Berceau, Terese (D-76th)
Bernier, Kathy (R-68th)
Billings, Jill (D-95th)
Born, Mark (R-39th)
Bowen, David (D-10th)
Brandtjen, Janel (R-22nd)
Brooks, Ed (R-50th)
Brooks, Robert (R-60th)
Brostoff, Jonathan (D-19th)
Considine, Dave (D-81st)
Craig, David (R-83rd)
Czaja, Mary (R-35th)
Danou, Chris (D-92nd)
Doyle, Steve (D-94th)
Edming, James (R-87th)
Gannon, Bob (R-58th)
Genrich, Eric (D-90th)
Goyke, Evan (D-18th)
Heaton, David (R-85th)
Hebl, Gary (D-46th)
Hesselbein, Dianne (D-79th)
Hintz, Gordon (D-54th)
Horlacher, Cody (R-33rd)
Hutton, Rob (R-13th)
Jacque, André (R-2nd)
Jagler, John (R-37th)
Jarchow, Adam (R-28th)
Johnson, La Tonya (D-17th)
Jorgensen, Andrew (D-43rd)
Kahl, Robb (D-47th)
Kapenga, Chris (R-99th)
Katsma, Terry (R-26th)
Kerkman, Samantha (R-61st)
Kessler, Frederick (D-12th)
Kitchens, Joel (R-1st)
Kleefisch, Joel (R-38th)
Knodl, Dan (R-24th)
Knudson, Dean (R-30th)
Kolste, Debra (D-44th)
Kooyenga, Dale (R-14th)
Kremer, Jesse (R-59th)
Krug, Scott (R-72nd)
Kuglitsch, Mike (R-84th)
Kulp, Bob (R-69th)
Larson, Tom (R-67th)
Loudenbeck, Amy (R-31st)
Macco, John (R-88th)
Mason, Cory (D-66th)
Meyers, Beth (D-74th)
Milroy, Nick (D-73rd)
Murphy, Dave (R-56th)
Mursau, Jeffrey (R-36th)
Murtha, John (R-29th)
Nerison, Lee (R-96th)
Neylon, Adam (R-98th)
Novak, Todd (R-51st)
Nygren, John (R-89th)
Ohnstad, Tod (D-65th)
Ott, Alvin (R-3rd)
Ott, Jim (R-23rd)
Petersen, Kevin (R-40th)
Petryk, Warren (R-93rd)
Pope, Sondy (D-80th)
Quinn, Romaine (R-75th)
Riemer, Dan (D-7th)
Ripp, Keith (R-42nd)
Rodriguez, Jessie (R-21st)
Rohrkaste, Mike (R-55th)
Sanfelippo, Joe (R-15th)
Sargent, Melissa (D-48th)
Schraa, Michael (R-53rd)
Shankland, Katrina (D-71st)
Sinicki, Christine (D-20th)
Skowronski, Ken (R-82nd)
Spiros, John (R-86th)
Spreitzer, Mark (D-45th)
Steffen, David (R-4th)
Steineke, Jim (R-5th)
Stuck, Amanda (D-57th)
Subeck, Lisa (D-78th)
Swearingen, Rob (R-34th)
Tauchen, Gary (R-6th)
Taylor, Chris (D-76th)
Thiesfeldt, Jeremy (R-52nd)
Tittl, Paul (R-25th)
Tranel, Travis (R-49th)
Vander Meer, Nancy (R-70th)
Vorpagel, Tyler (R-27th)
Vos, Robin (R-63rd)
Vruwink, Amy Sue (D-70th)
Wachs, Dana (D-91st)
Weatherston, Tom (R-62nd)
Young, Leon (D-16th)
Zamarripa, Jocasta (D-8th)
Zepnick, Josh (D-9th)
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Wisconsin has 33 State Senators: 19 Republicans, 14 Democrats
Bewley, Janet (D-25th)
Carpenter, Tim (D-3rd)
Cowles, Robert (R-2nd)
Darling, Alberta (R-8th)
Erpenbach, Jon (D-27th)
Farrow, Paul (R-33rd)
Fitzgerald, Scott (R-13th)
Gudex, Rick (R-18th)
Hansen, Dave (D-30th)
Harris Dodd, Nikiya (D-6th)
Harsdorf, Sheila (R-10th)
Larson, Chris (D-7th)
Lasee, Frank (R-1st)
Lassa, Julie (D-24th)
Lazich, Mary (R-28th)
LeMahieu, Devin (R-9th)
Marklein, Howard (R-17th)
Miller, Mark (D-16th)
Moulton, Terry (R-23rd)
Nass, Stephen (R-11th)
Olsen, Luther (R-14th)
Petrowski, Jerry (R-29th)
Ringhand, Janis (D-15th)
Risser, Fred (D-26th)
Roth, Roger (R-19th)
Shilling, Jennifer (D-32nd)
Taylor, Lena (D-4th)
Tiffany, Tom (R-12th)
Vinehout, Kathleen (D-31st)
Vukmir, Leah (R-5th)
Wanggaard, Van (R-21st)
Wirch, Robert (D-22nd)

Who are your legislators? (See miscellaneous page for former lawmakers.)

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