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Here's a list of noteworthy Wisconsin names and stuff.

Ahmuty, Chris -- Executive Director of the ACLU of Wisconsin
Ainsworth, John -- Fmr State Representative (R-6th)
Albers, Sheryl -- Fmr State Representative (R-50th)
Alswager, Michelle -- Activist, Triabetes founder
Antetokounmpo, Giannis -- Milwaukee Buck
Bablitch, Steve -- Fmr D.O.A Secretary
Basting, Tom -- Fmr State Bar of Wisconsin President
Baumbach, Scott -- Fmr Workforce Development Secretary
Benedict, Chuck -- Fmr State Senator(D-45th)
Bicha, Reggie -- Fmr Secretary, Department of Children and Families
Bielema, Bret -- Fmr University of Wisconsin Badgers Head Coach
Black, Spencer -- Fmr State Representative (D-77th)
Black, Ken -- Fmr Veterans Secretary
Borgerding, Eric -- Wisconsin Hospital Assoc. Exec. V.P.
Boyle, Frank -- Fmr State Representative (D-73rd)
Brandt, Rem -- Sun Prairie Police Spokesperson
Breske, Roger -- Railroads Commissioner
Brown, Ronald -- Fmr State Senator (R-31st)
Buchen, James -- VP of Gov't Relations at Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce
Bucher, Paul -- Waukesha County District Attorney
Burke, Mary -- Fmr. Commerce Secretary
Burmaster, Elizabeth -- Fmr. State Superintendent, DPI
Busalacchi, Frank -- Fmr Secretary, Department of Transportation
Busalacchi, Maureen -- Smoke Free Wisconsin Exec. Dir.
Busalacchi, Steve -- Busalacchi Communications founder
Butler, Louis -- Fmr Supreme Court Justice
Cane, Thomas -- Retired Appeals Judge
Chattopadhyay, Tithi -- Wisconsin's first statewide broadband director
Cieslewicz, Dave -- Fmr Madison Mayor
Chvala, Chuck -- Fmr Senate Majority Leader
Coggs, Elizabeth (D-10th)
Coggs, Spencer -- fmr lawmaker (D-6th)
Colon, Pedro Fmr State Representative (D-8th)
Conroy, Sheila -- Fmr Director, Office of State Employee Relations
Cullen, David (D-13th)
Czaplewski, John -- GIS/Web Support Technician w/ State Cartographer's Office
Davis, Brett -- Fmr State Representative (R-80th)
Decker, Russell -- Fmr State Senator(D-29th)
Deininger, David G. -- Retired Appeals Judge
Dexter, Kristen -- Fmr State Representative (D-68th)
Dilweg, Sean -- Fmr Insurance Commissioner
Dimitrijevic, Marina -- Chairwoman of the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisor
Donovan, Tim -- Wisconsin Army Nt'l Guard
Doyle, Jessica -- Wisconsin's Fmr First Lady
Dreyfus, Lee -- Former Wisconsin Governor
Dunbar, Donald -- Department of Military Affairs
Dykman, Charles P. -- Fmr Court of Appeals Judge
Ervin, Roger -- Fmr Secretary, Deptment of Revenue
Evers, Tony -- Superintendent, Department of Public Instruction
Favor-Hamilton, Suzy -- Former Olympic Athlete
Favre, Brett -- Former Green Bay Packer Quarterback(4)
Fields, Jason (D-11th)
Feingold, Russ -- Fmr United States Senator (D-Middleton)
Fiore, Michael -- Director of UW-CTRI
Fitzgerald, Jeff (R-39th)
Frank, Matt -- Fmr Secretary, Department of Natural Resources
Freese, Stephen -- Former State Representative (R-51st)
Friske, Donald -- Fmr State Representative (R-35th)
Galloway, Pam -- Former State Senator (R-29th)
Gard, John -- Former Assembly Speaker (R-89th)
Garland, Max -- Wisconsin Poet Laureate
Garthwaite, Philip -- Fmr State Representative (D-49th)
Gassman, Roberta -- Fmr Secretary, Department of Workforce Development
Gbaja-Biamila, Kabeer -- Former Green Bay Packer (94)
Gibart, Tony -- Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Giese, Jeanna -- Medical Marvel
Gielow, Curt -- Fmr State Senator (R-23rd)
Gilkes, Keith -- Gov's campaign committee
Giroux, David -- UW System spokesman
Goetzman, Michael -- DOT spokesman
Gogebic Mining area
Gomez, Jorge -- Fmr Commissioner of Insurance Secretary
Goss, Pat -- WTBA Executive Director
Gottlieb, Mark -- Fmr State Representative (R-60th)
Gousha, Mike -- Veteran award-winning journalist
Green, Mark -- Fmr Congressman (R-Green Bay)
Grigsby, Tamara (D-18th)
Gronemus, Barbara -- Fmr State Representative (D-91)
Gruber, Rose -- Problem Gambling, Exec. Dir.
Gunderson, Scott -- Fmr State Representative (R-83rd)
Gundrum, Mark -- Fmr State Representative (R-84th)
Hahn, Eugene -- Fmr State Representative (R-47th)
Haney, Jim -- President/CEO of Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce
Harms, Joyce -- Communications Director, Clean Wisconsin
Heinemann, Lorrie Keating -- Fmr Secretary, Department of Financia Institutions
Hilgenberg, Steve -- Fmr State Representative (D-51st)
Hines, J.A. -- Fmr State Representative (R-42nd)
Hixson, Kim -- Fmr State Representative (D-43rd)
Holperin, Jim -- fmr lawmaker (D-12th)
Hoth, Ran -- President and CEO, Wisconsin BBB
Hovde, Eric -- Political candidate (R)
Hraychuck, Ann -- Fmr State Representative (D-28th)
Hubler, Mary -- Fmr State Representative (D-75th)
Huebsch, Michael -- Fmr State Representative (R-94th), current Secretary of DOA
Huebscher, John -- Exec. Dir., Wisc. Catholic Conference
Huffman, Jerry -- Fmr WAICU spokesman, formerly Tourism
Hundertmark, Jean -- Fmr State Representative (R-40th)
Jackson, Celia -- Fmr Secretary, Department of Regulation and Licensing
Jensen, Scott -- Fmr State Representative (R-98th)
Jeskewitz, Suzanne -- Fmr State Representative (R-24th)
Joerres, Jeff -- Chairman/CEO Manpower
Kaeppeler, Laura -- Miss America (Kenosha, Wisconsin)
Kagen, Steven L. -- Fmr U.S. Congressman (D-Appleton)
Kames, Bob -- "The Chicken Dance" creator
Kanavas, Ted -- Fmr State Representative (R-33rd)
Kapanke, Dan -- Former State Senator (R-32nd)
Kapela, Rusty -- Meteorologist, National Weather Service
Kauha'aha'a, Chad -- University of Wisconsin Badgers Defensive Line Coach
King, Jessica -- fmr lawmaker (D-18th)
Kloster, Bill -- Fmr Dept. of Veterans Affairs Deputy Secretary
Knapinski, Dick -- Media/Public Relations at EAA AirVenture
Knilans, Joe (R-44th)
Kohler, Dan -- State Director at Wisconsin Environment
Kokotailo, Patricia -- UW Health, Director of Adolescent Medicine
Koski, Ann -- Museum Dir., Wisconsin Historical Society
Krawczyk, Judy -- Fmr State Representative (R-88th)
Kreibich, Robin -- Fmr State Representative (R-93rd)
Kreitlow, Patrick -- Fmr State Senator (D-23rd)
Kreunen, Rodney -- Fmr Railroad Commissioner
Kreuser, Jim -- Fmr State Representative (D-64th)
Krusick, Peggy (D-7th)
Krystkowiak, Larry -- Fmr Bucks Head Coach
Kuznacic, Katie -- Rock County Board Supervisor
Lamb, Andy -- Fmr State Representative (R-29th)
Lasee, Alan -- Fmr State Senator (R-1st)
Lasee, Frank -- Fmr State Representative (R-2nd)
Lautenschlager, Peg -- Former State Attorney General
Lawton, Barbara -- Fmr Lieutenant Governor (D)
Leckrone, Mike -- UW Marching Band Director
Lehman, John -- Fmr State Senator (D-21st)
Leidy, Peter -- Singing Commentator
Leinenkugel, Richard "Dick" -- Fmr Secretary, Department of Commerce
Leistikow, Dan -- Fmr Governor Doyle Press Secretary
Leonhart, Jim -- Celebrate Children Foundation Executive Vice President
Litjens, Michelle -- fmr lawmaker (R-56th)
Loeffelholz, Gabe -- Former State Representative(R-49th)
Lothian, Thomas -- Fmr State Representative (R-32nd)
Loyd, Glen -- Fmr Consumer Protection Specialist
Lueders, Bill -- Veteran Wisconsin newspaper editor and reporter
Lyons, Barbara -- Exec. Dir., Wisconsin Right to Life
Malkasian, Bill -- President of Wisconsin Realtors Association.
Marquis, Stephanie -- Communications Director, State Department of Administration
Marré, Alleigh -- Scott Walker press secretary
Masel, Ben -- Marijuana Harvest Festival Organizer
Matyska, Chuck -- Wisconsin Wildlife Federation President
McCormick, Terri -- Fmr State Representative (R-56th)
Meyer, Dan (R-34th)
Molepske, Louis (D-71st)
Montgomery, Phil -- Fmr State Representative (R-4th)
Morgan, Michael -- Fmr Secretary, Department of Administration
Mosher, Beth -- Media Relations, Wisconsin AAA
Moulton, Terry -- Fmr State Representative (R-68th)
Musser, Terry -- Former State Representative (R-92nd)
Navsaria, Dipesh -- MPH, MSLIS, MD, UW-Madison
Nehls, Todd -- Dodge County Sheriff
Nelson, Helene -- Former Health Secretary
Nelson, Tom -- Fmr State Representative (D-5th)
Nettesheim, Neal -- Retired Appeals Judge
Newcomer, Scott -- Fmr State Representative (R-33rd)
Nilsestuen, Rod -- Fmr Secretary, DATCP
Nischke, Ann -- Fmr State Representative (R-97th)
Obey, David R. -- Fmr U.S. Congressman (D-Wausau)
Orton, Barry -- Professor of Telecommunications, UW Madison
Owens, Carol -- Fmr State Representative (R-53rd)
Ozanne, Ismael -- Dane County District Attorney
Parisi, Joe -- Dane County Executive
Perelman, Seth -- Fmr Veterans Department Administrator
Perez, Manny -- Fmrr Workforce Secretary
Pettis, Mark -- Fmr State Representative (R-28th)
Pirlot, R. J. -- Dir. Legislative Relations, WMC
Plale, Jeffrey -- Fmr State Representative (D-7th)
Priebus, Reince -- Republican National Committee Chair
Pugh, Jim -- Dir. Public Relations, WMC
Pyritz, Michael -- Department of Transportation, communications
Radcliffe, Mark -- fmr lawmaker (D-92nd)
Raemisch, Richard -- Fmr Secretary, Department of Corrections
Reilly, Kevin -- UW System President
Reynolds, Tom -- Fmr State Senator (R-5th)
Rhoades, Kitty -- Fmr State Representative (R-30th)
Riley, Antonio -- Fmr Executive Director, WHEDA
Rivard, Roger -- fmr lawmaker (R-75th)
Robson, Judith -- Fmr State Senator (D-15th)
Roessler, Carol -- Fmr State Senator (R-18th)
Roth, Roger -- Fmr State Representative (R-56th)
Roys, Kelda Helen -- fmr lawmaker (D-81st)
Sass, Dawn Marie -- Fmr State Treasurer (D)
Schneider, Marlin -- Fmr State Representative (D-72nd)
Schoenherr, Chris -- DOA Deputy Secretary Chris Schoenherr
Scocos, John A. -- Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary
Seidel, Donna (D-85th)
Shalala, Donna -- Fmr UW-Madison Chancellor
Sheridan, Mike -- Fmr State Representative (D-44th)
Sherman, Gary -- Fmr State Representative (D-74th), current Court of Appeals Judge
Smith, Jeff -- Fmr State Representative (D-93)
Snyder, Harry G. -- Fmr Court of Appeals Judge
Solberg, Camille -- Hispanic Conservative Political Activist
Soletski, James -- Fmr State Representative (D-88th)
Spanbauer, Richard (R-53)
Speight, Bruce -- WISPIRG Field Director
Staskunas, Tony (D-15th)
Steinbrink, John (D-65th)
Stepp, Cathy -- Fmr State Senator (R-21st), Current DNR Secretary
Sullivan, Jim -- Fmr State Senator (D-5th)
Sveum, Dale -- Fmr Milwaukee Brewer
Thompson, Tommy -- Fmr Wisconsin Governor, US Health Secretary
Timberlake, Karen -- Fmr Secretary, Health and Human Services
Toles, Barbara -- Former State Representative (D-17th)
Towns, Debi -- Fmr State Representative (R-43rd)
Townsend, John -- Fmr State Representative (R-52nd)
Traas, Kevin -- WTBA Dir. of Policy & Finance
Travis, Dave -- Fmr State Representative (D-81st)
Trumble, Kelli -- Fmr Secretary, Department of Tourism
Turner, Robert (D-61st)
Uecker, Bob -- Brewers Radio Announcer
Umhoefer, John -- Exec. Dir., Wisc. Cheese Makers Assoc.
Underheim, Gregg -- Fmr State Representative (R-54th)
Van Roy, Karl (R-90th)
Van Akkeren, Terry -- Fmr State Representative (D-26)
VanEgeren, Jessica -- State Capitol Reporter for The Capital Times
Vang, Chai -- Convicted Killer
Veregin, Howard -- State Cartographer
Vigue, Carla -- Government Spokesperson
Voight, Jack -- Fmr State Treasurer
Walker, Tonette -- Wisconsin First Lady
Wanggaard, Van -- Former State Senator(R-21st)
Ward, David -- Fmr State Representative (R-37th)
Wasserman, Sheldon -- Fmr State Representative (D-22)
Wedemeyer, Ted E. -- Fmr Court of Appeals Judge
Wegenke, Rolf -- President/CEO of WAICU
Wieckert, Steve -- Fmr State Representative (R-57th)
Wilcox, Jon -- Retired Supreme Court Judge
Wilkening, Al -- Fmr Dept. of Military Affairs Adj. Gen.
Williams, Annette -- Fmr State Representative (D-10th)
Wineke, Joe -- Fmr Democratic Party Chair
Wojciechowski, Steve -- Marquette Mens Basketball Coach
Wood, Jeffrey -- Fmr State Representative (I-67th)
Wosepka, Ray -- Dane County Coroner
Wynn, Evan (R-43rd)
Zeitlin, Richard -- Late Director, Wisconsin Veterans Museum
Zeuske, Cate -- Fmr legislator, revenue sec. and treasurer
Ziegelbauer, Bob (D-25th)
Zien, David -- Fmr State Senator (R-23rd)
Zigmunt, Ted -- Fmr State Representative (D-2nd)
Zipperer, Rich -- Former State Senator (R-33rd)

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